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Startup Web Platform

Head of Design
UX Designer
Visual Designer

Team Member
Paul Min (Juris Grad)
Kirill Mangutov (CS Grad)
Peter Lvanov (CS Grad)
Benjamin Lee (Data Science)

July, 2016 - Present



Which Lawyer is right for me ?

Consumers seeking the help of a lawyer are often confronted with too many options or missed connections to know which lawyer is the optimal choice.

Which Client has a good case ?

Lawyers seeking worthwhile cases allocate significant resources in acquiring cases and then filtering “bad” cases from “good” cases.


"Let's connect you with the right attorney!"

Zealous is a legal matchmaking service that helps both the consumer and attorney easily find their optimal counterpart by utilizing an algorithm that filters according to user-defined features and preferences. 

 The flow chart (the content is confidential)

The flow chart (the content is confidential)

ADVANTAGES for clients

- Preliminary research on the legal issue is no longer needed
- No more chasing down or playing phone-tag with attorneys


How a client can get connected with the attorney with the help of the product.


current task and Goal

TASK: Designing landing page and content questionnaire.
GOAL:  Making the whole user experience simple, avoid confusing
and eventually guide users to go through the whole process.

target user for current design

Client side is the current focus of the product.




landing page

early design

with one "Get started" Button


updated design

with category selection Button


I took the first question of selecting case area out of the questionnaire and embedded on the landing page. Such solution can enable clients to select their case category on home page so that they can understand what kind of legal problems this platform can help with. At the same time, the design motivates users to continue clicking through the process.


content questionnaire

early design


version 1


The earliest version tried to provide a progress bar on top of the interface to inform users how many questions left . But later we found that the quantity of the question was different under different branches so it's not feasible to go further this direction.


These two versions kept the questions the users answered shown on the screen so that the user can always check whether the answers are right or wrong.


Version 2

Version 3


feedbacks from the usability test

The design of keeping all the questions displaying on the screen makes the interface look crowded, which brings pressure to the users to finish the questions. So I gave up this idea and tried to think a way to make the questionnaire section neat and simple so that it wouldn't add pressure for users achieving the process. 


final design


The final design of the questionnaire section doesn't show all previous questions on the screen. Displaying one question at a time eliminates the need for users to focus what questions they need to answer. No previous questions showing anymore so that there are less distracting elements. In general, the new interface becomes more straightforward and makes users feel much easier to finish the process.


The final launched website

The content and the design keeps updating according to the business goal and user needs.