Team Project

Product Designer
Website Designer

Johan Kasperi (Computer Science)
Holly Brown(Informatics)

Spring, 2015

Positweet is a positive Twitter messaging system that helps create stronger friendships and relationships one message at a time. The wooden box that houses the device can be placed beside your computer and plugs in via USB. When placing an object in front of the box, the box will light up and display the color of the object. Using the chosen color, a positive message is picked from a list that can then be sent to one of your followers. After setting who will receive the message, pressing on the box will automatically send the message, spreading some extra positivity into the world and brightening someone's day.


how it works


design process

outer case Design


Positweet should realize sending message simply and physically. To achieve this goal, some important factors were considered when designing the outer case. Its working process is receiving the signal first and then sending out the message. In this case, where to put sensor and the switch were important to think. Several ways to design the switch were rotating, sliding, pressing. I sketched and modeled several boxes with different interaction methods and then made design comparison. After discussing with my teammates, we decided to select the box with pressing to realize sending the message. So the last version of Positweet consists of two cases. User can press the outer case, it will move downward a little and the message will be sent. On the front panel, a carved round circle is on the left side, which is for sensing the color of objects. The transparent acrylic ring is for LED light coming out. The contrast between wood and acrylic also provide a sense of beauty. The whole style of the box is simple and clear.



3d model




website design


The design for the website also observes the principle of simple and clear. I want to let people quickly understand what they should do according to the indication on the website. There are several steps the website should include. First logging in to twitter account, then setting receiver, and the last is sending the tweet. It’s very easy and simple. The interface should be very clear and humanized for people to use. So on the first page, I designed only a LOG IN button to guide people clicking it and entering their account. After logging in, they should select the receiver they want. A very obvious input box is right at the top. After they input the first several character of the person’s name, the related contacts’ information will pop out. After selecting the receiver, the tweet will automatically generated and displayed on the webpage. Also, there is a navigation button on the top right. When people click that button, they can select “set receiver”, “tweet” to jump into different pages they want or logging out. One need to be mentioned is that, the color of the webpage can be changed according to the objects put in front of the box. In this case, the LED light will be glowed through the box and the color of the website will be changed simultaneously.


Working Process