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Individual Project

UX Researcher
UI Designer
Visual Designer

Fall, 2015


deSign challenge

This design is helpful for people who love natures, plants, or outdoor activities to explore sceneries with beautiful plants and related events in the city. Since the life circle (early, peak, late flowering time) of different plants are too diverse to understand, the platform checking when and where to enjoy plants are in need. Currently, lots of great mapping and navigation tools are on the market, but an useful tool for plant discovery is absent.

"It's mid autumn right now! We should go North Michigan to explore red maple leaves! But when it's the best time to see them?"


proposed solution (data collected)

1. Previous data record of the plant location and flowering time coming from the data input in the system
Location - user can simply get the location information from the map view.
Time - user can easily get the flowering time information about the early, peak and late time (differentiated by colors).
2. Real-time plant photo data gathered by uploading and sharing among users
Users can obtain the updated plant condition by viewing others’ recent post of the plant photos, which provides the instant and the accurate information of the plant situation in current year.



Existing flowering time chart

Although the existing flowering time chart can be found from the internet, books, or the tourist attractions, it's still very difficult and inconvenient for people to check the nearby and real-time plant information.