Team Project

UX Researcher
UX Designer
Visual Designer

YuYao Chang (Computer Science)
Elizabeth Johnson (Computer Science)
Cara Monical (Computer Science)
Katarina Struckmann (Computer Science)

Spring, 2015


Photography enthusiasts and amateurs STRUGGLE to find like-minded individuals to take photos together; Common people LACK KNOWLEDGE on how to take a good photos and WANT TO HIRE professional photographers; Professional photographers CAN’T FIND suitable models for portraits and NEED MORE clients and promotion of their work… PHOTAMORE seeks to bring together different sections of the photography community in a way that is beneficial for all

EXISTING related product

Currently, there exist many photo websites or apps which have functions like capturing and sharing pictures. Some more comprehensive products have features like following the photographers you like and filter functions. However, there is no existing product that has an elegant way of networking photographers and everyday, common people who would love to have their photo ideas realized. There are photo sharing websites and there are also products and services that explicitly bring photographers to clients, or clients to photographers; but none that do both in an elegant way. People who love photos basically can only browse, share and collect pictures but cannot find the right person to play with together. 

new solution

Creating a website that will not only provide the platform to search outstanding pictures, but also allow different level photographers, clients to interact. The main goal is to connect people, through photos, rather than focusing entirely on the photos. 
Every user will have the opportunity to display representative work and styles of interest ( "adding tags" for themselves ). It will showcase photographers’ portfolios, allowing photographers to connect with others that are interested in similar styles and allowing clients to browse through styles that they like. These parties will be able to connect through the website and schedule appointments, meetings or photo-taking excursions. Also, the site will showcase highly favorited photos, photographers, meetups periodically.  Users will be able to mark their favorite photos,  and the photographers will be able to see how often their photos are favorited.


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